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    Introduction to Automation, Introduction to Selenium and Selenium IDE

    • Need of Test Automation
    • Introduction to Various tools of Test Automation
    • Introduction to Selenium
    • Selenium Components
    • First Record and Replay of Scenario in Selenium IDE
    • Introduction of Web Technologies – HTML, XML, XPath, CSS and DOM
    • Locators in Selenium
    • Introduction of Selenese Command Types
    • Selenium Action Commands
    • Verification and Assertion Commands
    • Store and StoreEval – Accessor Commands
    • Creation of Test Suite
    • Debugging IDE Script
    • More on Selenium IDE

    Java Basics

    • Introduction to Java
    • Setting Development Environment - Eclipse
    • Hello World!
    • Introduction to Java Data Types
    • Numerical Data Type and Numerical Operators
    • Boolean Data Type and Operators
    • Conditional Statements [IF], and Loop [While] Conditional Statement[SWITCH]
    • Loop [FOR]
    • String Data type and functions
    • Command Line Parameters

    MODULE 2

    Java Basics (Contd.)

    • Arrays
    • Hash Tables/ Map Object
    • Regular Expression
    • File Handling
    • Java OOPs Concept
    • Concept of Classes and Objects in Java
    • Concept of Packages in Java
    • Exception Handling
    • Debugging in Java


    • Overview of WebDriver
    • Introduction to browser specific drivers
    • Setup WebDriver package on system for eclipse
    • Set up firebug for Firefox
    • Webdriver class files, and their methods
    • Automating different HTML Elements text fields, buttons, links, check box, drop-down etc
    • Verifications and Assertions
    • Parameterization
    • Synchronization
    • Desired Capabilities and IE
    • Handling Web Table
    • Handling Drop Down elements
    • SwtichTo Command -Handling Frames, Popup Windows, Alerts

    MODULE 3

    JDBC, Grid and Frameworks

    • JDBC –Introduction
    • Components of JDBC
    • Set JDBC with MYSQL Connector for Java Project
    • JDBC with MySQL
    • Introduction of Selenium Grid
    • Usage of Selenium Grid, executing same test on different browsers
    • Introduction to Page Object Model
    • Usage of Page Object Model for DemoSite
    • What is Test Automation Frameworks
    • Different Types of Frameworks, overview
    • Available Test Automation Frameworks on Selenium
    • JUnit
    • TestNg
    • Creating Test using TestNg
    • TestNg Annotations
    • Explanation of TestNg XML
    • Execution of TestNg Tests
    • Explanation of Testng Folder, and various result files
    • Parameterize TestNg Test – Data Provider
    • Capturing screen shots

    MODULE 4

    • Introduction to various Java APIs – Log4J, Apache POI, XML Beans.
    • Create Logs
    • Read and Write to Excel Files
    • Java Reflection
    • Hybrid framework for Selenium
    • Keyword Driven Framework for Selenium
    • Refresh the concepts on selenium
    • Best Practices in Test Automation
    • Real time challenges faced in automation.