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Module 1-Introduction of Scala

  • Scala Overview

Module 2-Pattern Matching

  • Advantages of Scala
  • REPL (Read Evaluate print loop)
  • Language Features
  • Type Interface
  • Higher order function
  • Option
  • Pattern Matching
  • Collection
  • Currying
  • Traits
  • Application Space

Module 3-Executing the Scala code

  • Uses of scala interpreter
  • Example of static object timer in scala
  • Testing of String equality in scala
  • Implicit classes in scala with examples.
  • Recursion in scala
  • Currying in scala with examples.
  • Classes in scala

Module 4-Classes concept in Scala

  • Constructor
  • Constructor overloading
  • Properties
  • Abstract classes
  • Type hierarchy in Scala
  • Object equality
  • Val and var methods

Module 5-Case classes and pattern matching

  • Sealed traits
  • Case classes
  • Constant pattern in case classes
  • Wild card pattern
  • Variable pattern
  • Constructor pattern
  • Tuple pattern

Module 6-Concepts of traits with example

  • Java equivalents
  • Advantages of traits
  • Avoiding boilerplate code
  • Linearization of traits
  • Modelling a real world example

Module 7-Scala java Interoperability

  • How traits are implemented in scala and java
  • How extending multiple traits is handled

Module 8-Scala collections

  • Classification of scala collections
  • Iterable
  • Iterator and iterable
  • List sequence example in scala

Module 9-Mutable collections vs. Immutable collections

  • Array in scala
  • List in scala
  • Difference between list and list buffer
  • Array buffer
  • Queue in scala
  • Dequeue in scala
  • Mutable queue in scala
  • Stacks in scala
  • Sets and maps in scala
  • Tuples

Module 10-Use Case bobsrockets package

  • Different import types
  • Selective imports
  • Testing-Assertions
  • Scala test case- scala test fun. Suite
  • Junit test in scala
  • Interface for Junit via Junit 3 suite in scala test
  • SBT
  • Directory structure for packaging scala application