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Search Engine Marketing, If  You are a marketing pro: you are an ace at influencing people, leading them to buy your products and a magician who turns curios prospects into loyal customers.

Now, it’s time to do the same on the digital platform. Sign up for Blueocean Learning Specialist Certificate Course in Search Engine Marketing and cast your spell on the digital platform.


What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) essentially refers to that form of digital marketing that uses different forms of paid advertising to increase a website’s visibility on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Through SEM, companies can create effective visibility for their products and services on their target audiences’ search pages.


Why is SEM important to business organizations?

SEM is important for businesses because it is the most effective marketing tool that creates brand visibility across the online landscape, generates leads and drives sales. Plus, it is cost effective thus guaranteeing you maximized ROIs.


Why do you need specialized training in SEM?

The digital marketing landscape is a competitive one. Millions of business websites are competing with each other to find a spot on the first page in the search engine result page listings. If you want the search engine crawlers to always index your business or brand’s content and rank it among the top search results, then you definitely need specialized knowledge about how to do it well and do it right.

This is where Blueocean Learning’ training course, Certificate in Search Engine Marketing will come in handy for you.


Course Objectives:

The Certificate Course in Search Engine Marketing participants you to:

  • Get the advanced knowledge and hands-on expertise in SEM.
  • Learn how to use SEM for lead generation and brand building.
  • Learn how to create customized, tactful search campaign for your businesses.
  • Dwell deep into core SEM concepts like Google AdWords, AdWords, Algorithms, Click-Through Rates (CTR), writing and placing SEM ads, different types of bidding, SEM keywords, optimizing a brand’s search and display ad campaigns, Remarketing etc.
  • Understand Google Analytics, learn to measure and monitor SEM campaign effectiveness, traffic density, conversion rates.


Who should take this course?

  • Business owners wanting to leverage SEM as a digital marketing tool
  • Working professionals to earn extra income as a freelancer
  • Students, fresh grads wanting to break into the digital/online marketing field
  • Web designers and developers can choose this course


Course content:

Fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing

  • Why, how and what of Search Engine Marketing
  • Business benefits of Search Engine Marketing


Google Ad Words

  • AdWords and PPC advertising: introduction, setting up an account, Microsoft AdCenter,
  • Learning about different types of ad campaigns, ad groups, ad keywords
  • Mastering AdWords Algorithms: the process, ad ranks, bidding, CTR and quality score
  • Features of a search campaign: location targeting, level settings, dynamic and other features
  • Bidding strategies: types, advantages and ways
  • Examining Ad extensions and ad groups
  • Learning how to plan and implement ad keywords use: keyword planner tool
  • How to create effective SEM ad campaigns


SEM Monitoring and Metrics

  • Learning how to optimize the search campaigns
  • Measuring conversion rates and CTRs
  • Detecting spam clicks
  • Monitoring keyword performance


Creating effective display search campaigns

  • Understanding the types of display campaigns, campaign setting
  • Learning how to do: ad scheduling, ad delivery, ad placement, ad grouping
  • Tools and techniques display planner, ad placement, ad text development



  • What and Why of Remarketing
  • Advanced techniques of remarketing: campaign setting and list creation


Mastering Google Analytics

  • Starting with the basics: how Google analytics works, Google analytics account
  • How to set goals and understanding Google Analytics insights
  • Learn all about bounce rates, exit rates and how to reduce them
  • Advanced training: Funnel, Link Tagging, Filters and Segments
  • Monitoring SEM campaigns using Google Analytics
  • Understanding reports

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