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Angular Js Training In Bangalore

Module 1: Introduction



Introduction to AngularJS

MVC Architecture

Conceptual Overview

Setting up the Environment

First Application

Understanding ng attributes



Module 2: Expressions and Data Biding


Number and String Expressions

Object Binding and Expressions

Working with Arrays

Forgiving Behavior

Understanding Data binding


Module 3: Working with Directives


Conditional Directives

Styles Directives

Mouse and Keyboard Events Directives


Module 4: Controllers


Understanding Controllers

Programming Controllers & $scope object

Adding Behavior to a Scope Object

Passing Parameters to the Methods

Having Array as members in Controller Scope.

Nested Controllers and Scope Inheritance.

Multiple Controllers and their scopes


Module 5: Filters


Built-In Filters

Uppercase and Lowercase Filters

Currency and Number Formatting Filters

OrderBy Filter


Filter Filter

Creating Custom Filter


Module 6: Forms



Using Simple Form

Working with Select and Options

Input Validations

Using CSS classes

Form Events

Custom Model update triggers

Custom Validations


Module 7: Modules


Why Module?

Module Loading and Dependencies

Recommended Setup of Application

Creation vs Retrieval


Module 8: Services


Understanding Services

Developing Creating Services

Using a Service

Injecting Dependencies in a Service


Module 9: Ajax in AngularJS


$http Service

$q Service

Ajax Impl using $http and $q Service


Module 10: Routing



Introduction to SPA

Creating HTML Templates

Configuring Route Provider.












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