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Cloud Computing classes in JP nagar Banglore

Cloud Computing: The Ground reality of the day

New Information Technology Advancements, changes organisations, creates disruptions and Redefines markets. Cloud Computing Courses offers today's enterprises, a new arena to drive innovation, minimize the cost and augments the profitability and business agility. Cloud Computing course in Bangalore enables by expanding the competitiveness in the market place.

The Challenge:

The problem in front of organization today is that they require end to end IT skills ranging from Desktops to Enterprise Networking to Enterprise Server Infrastructure to Storage to Virtualisation and Multivendor Cloud Technologies to effectively architect, implement, manage and Deploy their Cloud to to be in an advantageous position.

In any case the incongruity is that the demand supply gap between the expectations of the industry versus the supply is huge.

Why Blue Ocean Certified Cloud Engineer program?

Blue Ocean Certified Cloud Engineer program is the first of its kind which covers from the rudiments of Infrastructure Management administration to Multi platform Desktop administration to Enterprise Networking to Multivendor Server administration to Storage to the most popular virtualization technologies to the dominant Cloud Technology solutions which makes a student a Complete Cloud professional.

For whom is the Program?

The program is aimed at people who are:

  • Any graduate with essential I.T Knowledge with or without experience
  • Keen on living up to expectations in the I.T in the Cloud Computing environment.

The program coverage:



  • Introduction to I.T infrastructure Management services
    • 1.1 Hardware and Networking essentials
  • Enterprise Desktop Environments
    • 1.2 Windows 8 Administration
    • 1.3 Red hat Linux Administration
  • Advanced Enterprise Networking Infrastructure
    • 1.4 Cisco Certified Network administration


  • Enterprise Server and Identity Infrastructure
    • 2.1 Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
    • 2.2 Administering Windows Server 2012
    • 2.3 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services


  • Cloud Storage Infrastructure
    • 3.1 Storage Fundamentals
    • 3.2 Storage Area Networks and Protocols
    • 3.3 Clustered Distributed Storage


  • Virtualization Technologies
    • Server Virtualization
      • 4.1 Server Virtualization with Microsoft Hyper V
      • 4.2 Server Virtualization with VMWare ESXi
      • 4.3 Server Virtualization with Xen
    • Desktop and Application Virtualization
      • 4.4 Xen Desktop 7
      • 4.5 Xen App 6.5


  • Cloud Technologies
    • 5.1 Architecture and Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
    • 5.2 Windows Azure Cloud
    • 5.3 Amazon Web services
    • 5.4 Opensource Open Stack
    • 5.5 Amazon EC2 - IaaS Public Cloud
  • Software Defined Network Concepts

Benefits of doing a course with Blue ocean Learning:

  • You are an Integral part of Blue ocean Learning ,a division of Blue ocean Global which is an enterprise I.T Solutions and Consulting Company working with Clients on Social Media, Enterprise Mobility,Bigdata Analytics, Cloud Computing furthermore on the rising advancements which are commanding the IT business today
  • The Program is industry Endorsed and its extensive with a preparation technique which is inserted with Videos,Presentations,Demos,Case case studies in GUI based environment making you the most wanted Cloud Professional.
  • The course leads to more than 18 International Certifications.
  • The Trainers are highly experienced and you have access to Mentors who are from industry who give you a hawk's eye viewpoint from a business's point of view.
  • Blue Ocean has lot of Clientele to provide employment opportunities.
  • Blue ocean Cloud educational program is a unbiased program which covers all the innovations of critical strengths in the business, for example, Microsoft,Red hat,Cisco,EMC,Citrix,Amazon and many more.
  • Access to Blue ocean placement portal exclusively for our participants where in organizations will have direct access to the applicant's profiles
  • Talenthonchos, an HR Consulting wing which supports Clients with Human Resources for multiple domains.
  • A self Learning, self paced English language program online to cater to the soft skill needs.