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best training institute and training center in bangalore

Blue Ocean Campus

The need for BLUE OCEAN at your Campus :-

Indian Education framework is recognized as the most well known and fruitful framework offering broad based training. There are around 888 thousands institutions in India with an enrolment of around 179 million.

The need of the hour is to create enabled youth, which can be accomplished only if there is a cohesive synergy between the Industry and Academia.

Keeping this imperativeness, BLUE OCEAN @ CAMPUS is an industry -academia program to bridge the gap between both.Blue Ocean learning is handshaking with Colleges across the country through Blue ocean @ Campus, and connecting with corporates with its campus to corporate engagement.We are Highly Committed to fill the gaps in Technical competency,Soft skills,Process Orientation,Analytical abilities,English skills of its I.T Talent pool.

Our Methodology is to give the students:

  • Access to Blue Ocean course curriculum,delivery methodology,projects and Case studies Designed by experienced mentors and experts.

For the training faculty in the College:

  • Technology Exposure and Industry experience

For the College Management:

  • Employability to the Students

For Administrative bodies and Universities:

Access, relevance, scalability, administration, Infrastructure, Investments Leading to scalability of education system

  • Execution methodology & Plan
    • Relationship Framework
      • MOU with school/ University
      • Blue Ocean Campus Annual Planning Process
      • Partner study, Feedback and Information framework
    • Infrastructure
      • Blue Ocean Campus Portal
      • Webinar and Video Conferencing
    • Program offerings and administrations
      • Personnel Enablement Program, Road shows
      • Industry Visits, job fairs
      • Technology Seminars, Contests
    • Program Management Practices
      • Take off Planning and Execution Framework
      • Tracking Deployment at College level
    • Courseware and Methodology
      • Technology Program and Soft skills Course content
      • Technology Streams: Infrastructure Management Services, Enterprise application, Social Media, Enterprise Mobility, Big Data Analytics
    • English Language Proficiency
    • Process introduction
    • Critical thinking and introduction;
    • Behavioral Skills/Values

The Essence of Blue Ocean @ Campus is to map to the business requirements for a group size of 60 Students in every cluster coordinated with the College's scholarly calendar.

The Content given by Blue Ocean takes in to account the actuation programs, assignments, contextual investigations and a Student Project Bank.

  • BLUE OCEAN @ CAMPUS prepares participants in Placement Training in Bangalore on Information Technology, Soft Skills, Aptitudes, Group Discussion, Interview abilities and Personality Development Trainings inside the College premises. This activity empowers the students to be more able and employable in today's Competitive Job market.

In the globalized world such association is the only way to attain leadership in a knowledge Economy.