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AWS(Amazon Web Service)

Understanding Cloud Computing

  • Defining cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing Infrastructure.
  • The requirements that need to be fulfilled to qualify as a cloud service.
  • Cloud service and deployment models.
  • Common misconceptions about cloud computing.
  • Common cloud Implementations.
  • Virtualization

Amazon Web Service (AWS)

  • Introduction to AWS
  • Name Nodes, Secondary Name Nodes and Data Nodes
    • Compute and Networking
    • Storage and Content Delivery
    • Databases
    • Analytics
    • Deployment and Management
  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)
    • EC2 Instances
    • Images (AMI)
    • Volumes (EBS)
    • Security Groups
    • Elastic IP
    • Key Pairs
    • Elastic Load Balancer
  • Simple File Storage (S3)
  • Relational Database Service (RDS)

Scalable Architecture in AWS

  • Auto Scaling Groups
  • Launch Configuration
  • Scaling Policies
  • Cloud Monitoring with Cloud watch

Use Case

  • Highly Available Architecture in AWS